Social Media Resources

    aHUS Alliance PRESS KIT – Info & Resources   aHUS News & Research on Twitter:  @aHUSallianceAct     aHUS Awareness Day - 24 Sept Follow the campaign on…

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Publications about aHUS Here you will in time find a comprehensive selection of  published clinical research articles about aHUS and related issues . The list has been sorted by the…

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aHUS Info

Welcome to the aHUS Alliance's Information Centre! Containing a stock of information resources about atypical Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome  gathered from around the world, this ‘virtual library’ is designed to accommodate…

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Transitioning Teens to Adult Nephrology Care

As children with kidney disease grow to become adolescents, their medical care often changes from a pediatric to adult nephrology care setting – what common issues for teen patients surround this transition? A look at social, emotional, and medical aspects.

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About aHUS: for Youth Leaders, Camps & Coaches

Activity-based programs are a great for children to explore interest areas, learn new skills, and enjoy interactions with other children. What should coaches, camp directors, and youth program leaders know when activities include a child diagnosed with a rare disease like atypical HUS (aHUS)?

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