Working together so that good will come to aHUS patients and their families everywhere.

At aHUS alliance Global Action, we have no doubt that the aHUS insights we give today will benefit all current, and, yet to experience, patients, so their lives will be better in the future.

We are few working for the few living with this very rare disease, international volunteers who provide authentic patient voices through our personal experiences as patients or aHUS family caregivers.


Dedicated aHUS patient advocacy began to emerge in nations around the world just over ten years ago. Inevitably strong links were formed between some national groups which led to them meeting in Barcelona, Spain on 16th February 2013.

At that meeting a belief that there could be a great benefit from working together across the world. A list of collaborative aspirations was drawn up. On Rare Disease Day 2013 an aHUS alliance was announced on the Rare Connect platform.

Although not a formal organisation there was a will to share knowledge and build a structure for a global aHUS Patient Organisation of “aHUS organisations”. In time the six founding affiliates were joined by others around the world as it grew. More and more best practices for raising aHUS awareness and accessing effective treatment were shared.

By 2015 the aHUS alliance wanted to do more to make their presence known. That year an aHUS awareness day was designated for the first time. A decision was also made to have our own website. Along with the website a legal entity was needed, and the aHUS alliance Global Action was the result.

aHUS awareness day and our website remains at the core of our global patient advocacy outreach to aHUS patients everywhere.

Now we are an aHUS organisation that has direct links with those living with aHUS around the world. We have become a source of aHUS knowledge for them to assert their own empowered personal advocacy.


What we do.

All that aHUS alliance Global Action does is rooted in the founding affiliates aspiration list which is to :

  • Promote awareness of aHUS,
  • Work with international aHUS researchers,
  • Support newly emerging national patient groups

How we do it.

We are continually searching for ,welcoming, connecting with and listening to aHUS stakeholders and through that, over the years, have gained a broad understanding of the wider aHUS community and helped harness its voice to inform. We collaborate with those with shared interest because we also recognise the mutual benefits from such actions. As an incorporated registered charitable we understand legal duties and compliance too, and act as a corporate entity, rather than as individuals, and fully recognise and respect those boundaries.



First and foremost our team of international volunteers focus on aHUS public patient advocacy. We create original articles and social media assets to raise aHUS awareness through up-to-date news about aHUS disease research, treatment developments and patient activity from around the world. We participate in and undertake our own aHUS research. We set the aims and purpose of an annual aHUS Awareness Day, held on 24 September each year. We have an aHUS ‘Rest of the World’ initiative to encourage and support patient advocacy development. We talk at conferences and symposiums and enter dialogues with health policy decision-makers.


Our activities may change but our priorities are to reflect what matters to aHUS patients and with a clear aHUS Patient vision:

When enough aHUS awareness helps everyone in the world get affordable access to the right treatment they need to be cured and be normal, that will be a good day.



USA. Family caregiver since 2003, active in creation of aHUS websites and assets since 2009. Contributing author for 2 publications, original content for the atypical HUS global community (articles, resources, images, social media platforms). Background in Education (Science, Math), Certification for classroom and School Administration.
Linda L.G. Burke
India. aHUS Patient. On Dialysis since 1997 due to lack of access to a complement inhibitor. Co-Founder of NephroPlus, India's largest Dialysis Centre network. Co-authored several peer-reviewed manuscripts. Runs a very successful blog on experiences with aHUS and Dialysis. Avid swimmer, traveller and writer.
Kamal Shah
UK. Extensive familial aHUS links. Entered aHUS advocacy in 2011-aHUSUK. Vast experience of influencing health policy for aHUS patients in the UK. Conference, TV, radio, and print appearances. Prolific writer and investigator on matters aHUS. Retired professional accountant.
Len Woodward
Australia. Caregiver of son since 2009. Creator and President of aHUS Patient Support Group Australia (aPSGA). aPSGA was pivotal in gaining government funding of Eculizumab in Australia. Currently working full time as a Registered Nurse.
Kerri Grey


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Important to the Board of Director Trustees is the sustainability of the charity into the future.

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