2016 aHUS Global Poll –  233 participants from 23 nations

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RareConnect in partnership with the aHUS Alliance organised a webinar on the 21st of June at 11 a.m. EDT where Dr. Christoph Licht analysed the results of this survey.
2016 aHUS Global Poll:  Survey Questions
Europe patient voice
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2014 aHUS Global Poll

In partnership with RareConnect, aHUS patient organizations in multiple nations launched a 2014 global poll of aHUS patients and caregivers.  Open from 17 February to 7 March 2014, the survey provided information and insights from 214 respondents, replying in 6 different languages across 17 nations.

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2014 aHUS Survey Results – Commentaries

Click here to view a webinar on the Survey by Prof. Tim Goodship from the University of Newcastle, UK.

Click here to view the slide deck used by Prof. Tim Goodship in the webinar above.

Click here to view a commentary on the survey results by Len Woodward, Secretary, aHUS UK.

Click here to view a blog on the survey results by Linda Burke, member of the aHUS Alliance.