Alexion Pharmaceuticals recognizes aHUS Awareness Day 2020

The aHUS Alliance shares the letter sent to us by Alexion Pharmaceuticals to mark the 6th annual aHUS Awareness Day, created by the aHUS Alliance in 2015 and held every 24 September to share information and raise awareness about the rare disease atypical haemolytic uraemic syndrome (atypical HUS or aHUS).
Dated 24 September 2020, it was sent by Wendy Erler as Alexion’s Head of Patient Experience and Insights, and reads in part:
“Dear aHUS Community,
On aHUS Awareness Day 2020, Alexion joins you in recognizing the spirit and resiliency of
those living with atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome (aHUS) and the caregivers who
contribute to their wellness and wellbeing every day. We also celebrate the patient
organizations that provide continuous support and important disease education to this
People living with rare diseases and devastating conditions are our inspiration and our
Guiding Star. We are committed to listening to, understanding and working to improve the
lives of people living with aHUS through our focus on treatment innovation. Through our
trusted partnership with you, we deepen our understanding of what it’s like to live with aHUS
and identify areas of unmet need so we can continue to help patients and families fully live
their best lives.”
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Alexion recognizes aHUS Day 2020

Alexion’s message to the aHUS Community for

24 Sept 2020 – aHUS Awareness Day