Podcasts by Dr Brad Lewis of Machaon Diagnostics

 aHUS and Pregnancy  aHUS/TMA in Pregnancy, with Richard Burwick, MD, MPH – Assistant Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center  Blood, Sweat and Smears – A Machaon Diagnostics Podcast (2020)

Genetic Testing – what to make of an equivocal aHUS Result  Blood, Sweat and Smears – A Machaon Diagnostics Podcast (2018) 

RARE à l’écoute

Présenté par RARE à l’écoute Podcasts: SHU atypique

RARE à l’écoute (chaîne de podcast dédiée aux maladies rares avec un contenu scientifique clair, facile à écouter).


Atypical HUS Clinical Channel

Our aHUS Alliance YouTube channel ‘Atypical HUS Clinical Channel’ features aHUS-specific Medical & Research content offered by top aHUS experts, research teams, study centers, university and hospitals, and others.

Specialized topics include:
SHUa en en español
SHUa en français

TMA Symposium:  Through the Lens of aHUS  
9 Presentations:  Playlist   |   Article

Atypical HUS Global Patient Voice

With its focus on patients and their families, the Atypical HUS Global Patient Voice channel offered by the aHUS Alliance provides an authentic view of the challenges and achievements people diagnosed with aHUS

Miscellaneous Specialized topics include:
aHUS Awareness Day (24 Sept) – Playlist
Rare Disease Day (Last day of February) – Two Playlists
aHUS Patient Organizations & GroupsRare Disease Day
Created by Patients & Families: Videos to mark Rare Disease Day
en español Playlist
en français – Playlist
in het Nederlands – Playlist

2020 Germany  aHUS/MPGN Patients’ day presentations