Welcome to the aHUS Alliance’s Information Centre!

Containing a stock of information resources about atypical Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome  gathered from around the world, this ‘virtual library’ is designed to accommodate continuous updates of new material over time. Resources are aHUS-specific and act as a global repository for information useful to patient organisations, clinicians, health organisations, and the media.

Information about aHUS is offered in multiple formats, to include the written word but also video, graphic, and audio resources that offer a varied range of topics from medical and research advancements to insights into the aHUS patient experience.

Featured below is a collection of assets which include downloadable documents, resource links, or other aHUS information. We welcome you to browse our aHUS Alliance Press Kit.  If you are having difficulty finding specific aHUS information resources, or wish to offer suggestions or make inquiries about the Information Centre, please contact us at info@aHUSAllianceAction.org.

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