An aHUS quiz

Article No 344

13 May 2020

A short COVID-19  free quiz about aHUS related stuff. Who can get get 20 out of 20?

1.       What are the names of the founders of the USA aHUS advocacy organisation  The Foundation for Children with Atypical HUS?
a.       Bert and Chloe Biermann
b.       Bob and Carol Biermann
c.       Bill and Cheryl Biermann
d.       Bret and Charlene Biermann
2.       Which is the most common predisposing Complement genetic mutation for aHUS?
a.       CFB
b.       MCP/CD46
c.       C3
d.       CFH
3.       Which renal diseases thematic work group in ERKNet represents those with aHUS?
a.       TMA group
b.       MAT group
c.       ATM group
d.       TAM group
4.       What was Complement originally called?
a.       Alexion
b.       Alexina
c.       Alexine
d.       Alexian
5.       In which year was the aHUS alliance created?
a.       2012
b.       2013
c.       2014
d.       2015
6.       When it was being developed, what was Ravulizumab known as ?
a.       ALXN1210
b.       ALXN1120
c.       ALXN1201
d.       ALXN1020
7.        Where is the Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research located?
a.       Berlin
b.       Belize
c.       Berne
d.       Bergamo
8. Which of the following is NOT a pathway in the Complement system?
a.       alternative pathway
b.       systemic pathway
c.       lectin pathway
d.       classical pathway
9.       What was Alexion Pharmaceuticals’ revenues in 2019, in $ billions ?
a.       Less than 1
b.       Between 2 and 3
c.       Between 4 and 5
d.       More than 5
10.   What is the date of aHUS Awareness Day
a.       20 September
b.       24 September
c.       25 September
d.       27 September
11.   Before Conrad von Gasser gave it its name, what was HUS known as?
a.       TPP
b.       PTP
c.       TTP
d.       PPT
      12.  At which University is the Database of Complement Gene Variants maintained?
a.       University College London
b.       Imperial College London
c.       King’s College London
d.       London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
13.   In which country is eculizumab finished filled and packaged?
a.       France
b.       Germany
c.       Ireland
d.       Switzerland
14. Which four letters follow the name ravulizumab?
a.       cwvz
b.       czvw
c.       cvzw
d.       cwzv
15. On what day did the FDA announce its approval of ravulizumab?
a.       9 October 2019
b.       10 October 2019
c.       11 October 2019
d.       18 October 2019
16.  Which other Complement component combines with C3 to make up the C3 convertase in the alternative pathway?
a.       B
b.       C2
c.       C4
d.       C1
17. Who, in 2020, is the current Chief Executive Officer of Alexion Pharmaceuticals
a.       David Brennan
b.       Ludwig Hantson
c.       Leonard Bell
d.       David Hallal
18. Which of the following is not a strain of meningitis that is covered by vaccines required before eculizumab/ravulizumab use?
a.       A
b.       B
c.       C
d.       D
19. What is the maintenance dose of ravulizumab for an adult weighing more than 100kg?
a. 3000mg
b. 3300mg
c. 3600mg
d. 3900mg
20. Dr Carla Nester is a renowned aHUS Researcher but based in which country?
a.       Italy
b.       Spain
c.       USA
d.       Brazil

Answers below.
1c, 2d, 3a, 4c, 5b, 6a,7d, 8a, 9c,10b, 11c, 12a, 13c, 14a, 15d, 16b, 17b, 18d, 19c ,20c.

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