Another anniversary and reason to ring the aHUS bell

Prof. Conrad Von Gasser’s  cowbell has already been rung by nearly 100 visitors to the website; who also viewed the exclusive article by Prof. Bernard S Kaplan about the history of HUS .
Bernard has also brought to the alliance’s attention that the although Conrad  coined the term Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome  the prefix “atypical ” was  essentially the product of the work of Prof. Martin Barratt – a consultant nephrologist at Great Ormond Street Hospital London.
His manuscript in which atypical hemolytic-uremic syndrome appeared was  published in 1993 .  ( click here )
By  coincidence 17 January happens to be the third anniversary of  Prof.  Barratt’s death and is another reason to ring the bell; this time for both Martin and Conrad. ( click on play button below)

Prof. Martin’s obituary in the Guardian newspaper can be read by clicking here

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