AstraZenaca to buy Alexion

Article No. 403

12 December 2020

News has emerged, in the past two hours, that Alexion is to be bought for $39 billion by AstraZenaca

The British/Swedish  giant drug manufacture has offered Alexion shareholder $60 per shared plus 2 and a bit special shares in AstraZeneca, an estimated overall purchase price of $175 dollars per share.

Deal to be completed by Q3 2021.

More information can be seen HERE

aHUS alliance Global Action reaction to follow.

– it is not that surprising, as some Alexion shareholders have been advocating quite publicly for a sale to a bigger entity for a few years, ( see letter to Board in March 2020 HERE)

– nothing changes as far as patients are concerned Alexion’s operations will continue as normal

– the new AstraZeneca subsidiary company HQ will be based in Boston as now

– there should not be much change in personnel  immediately but such events will inevitably involve changes at the top as well as the bottom as roles change;

– it too soon to see what greater access to eculizumab/Ravulizumab there will be for aHUS patients around the world with an unmet need ,although there are some comments in the news statement to give reasons for hope. AstraZeneca has a bigger “geographical footprint”, including  “emerging markets” presence, than Alexion alone has been able to afford. The aim being to “accelerate the expansion of Alexion’s portfolio”.

– although such takeovers are primarily about profitability improvement, it is hoped that some of the “economies of scale” benefits ( around $500m per year at an initial cost of $600m plus) will filter through to price determination in those new markets to benefit patients.