Awareness of the aHUS Family

Families are important .
Families are important to those affected by aHUS.
aHUS is a familial Disease.
Families are important for the understanding of  aHUS .
Families are important for aHUS research.
Here is a short video from the U.K.* about research in an aHUS family which led to a family member benefiting decades later. It can be seen by clicking HERE and scrolling down the page to the “play video image “
That family is part of us ,as we are part of that family. The Global aHUS Family is bigger than the sum of its parts and embraces the many thousands of people over the years in academia research , Pharma , health care professionals and fundraising advocates who contributed to where aHUS is now in 2019.
We are all part of one family responsible for each other.
Something the aHUS alliance is celebrating on aHUS Awareness Day on September 24th.
Watch the video , it is your family too.
* produced by Kidney Research UK and funded by Answers for aHUS-  a U.K. patient organisation.


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