2019 aHUS Awareness Day -24 Sept

24 September 2019 marks the 5th annual aHUS Awareness Day, created by the aHUS Alliance to raise visibility for issues and needs of those impacted by the rare disease atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome (atypical HUS or aHUS). 'Family and Community Support' is this year's theme, with a 2019 global Call to Action: Support for blood & organ donation.

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About aHUS: for Youth Leaders, Camps & Coaches

Activity-based programs are a great for children to explore interest areas, learn new skills, and enjoy interactions with other children. What should coaches, camp directors, and youth program leaders know when activities include a child diagnosed with a rare disease like atypical HUS (aHUS)?

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Generium’s Elizaria: First Biosimilar to Eculizumab

Generium launches the first biosimilar drug to eculizumab, known as Elizaria. What is a biosimilar? What might this biosimilar mean for aHUS patients, and the physicians who treat them? The aHUS Alliance looks at the science behind biosimilars, as well as issues such as drug cost and access for those affected by the rare disease atypical HUS.

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Perspectives in Atypical HUS

The aHUS Alliance presents issues and information from varied perspectives within the atypical HUS arena. Amplifying the patient voice in over 30 countries, we present this series of original content on topics related to the rare disease atypical HUS with articles focused on key interests of patients, caregivers, physicians, researchers and other stakeholders,

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