It’s aHUS Awareness Day 2020!!!

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24 September 2020 ( In Tuvalu)

It is hard to believe it’s September already let alone aHUS Awareness Day. Six or more months of a COVID 19 year is having that affect on all that is happening this year.
But hear we are. For many  when this blog is published  it is still the 23rd September but aHUS Awareness Day has just started in the mid Pacific Ocean. aHUS Awareness Day is a global event and so lasts more than 24 hours.
Not heard from anyone from Tuvalu yet but this blog is an opportunity for anyone to tell us what they have done for,  doing or planning to do , on aHUS Awareness Day over the next 48 hours!
The aHUS alliance has received a copy of a booklet produced by experts from the All India Institute of Medicine and ICMR Advanced Centre for Research in New Dehli for aHUS Awareness Day. It is   a  handbook for parents for children with haemolytic uraemic syndrome. A copy can be seen in the following link below. It is clearly written with excellent illustrations.
Hemolytic_Uremic_Syndrome Booklet for parents


If you have nothing planned one thing you could do today, if you have not done so far is to subscribe to Global Action’s newsletter  “The Global aHUS advocate” . Click here to subscribe to the newsletter.
If you are on Twitter why not retweet all the “lead in” to aHUS Awareness Day tweets by @ahusallianceact or @aHUS24Sept
Or click to support aHUS patients using the button above.
aHUS Alliance has resurrected the “click for support” button that we used for Awareness Day 2019. Last year we got just short of 500 clicks of support, let’s try to get more this year.


One activity, that has been worked on for  aHUS Awareness Day over the past month or so, is the aHUS alliance video.
It was premiered at 7 pm Eastern Standard Time later today (23rd)  and can see at this link HERE.


Webinar on aHUS Awareness Day -held today and  aHUS Global Action attended a talk about the “differential TMA diagnosis ” given by Dr Anthony Chang who is a Professor of Pathology from Chicago but specialises in renal pathology. Renal pathology focuses on the diagnosis and characterization of medical diseases (non-tumor) of the kidneys, whilst team working with nephrologists and transplants.
Global Action has written a synopsis of  Professor Chang’s talk  it can be read at this link HERE


Today Dr Natasa Stajic of The Institute of Mother and Child Health Care of Serbia “Dr Vukan Cupic” in Belgade SERBIA has been listed as an aHUS Clinician interested in aHUS.  Dr  Stajic has treated patients not only from Serbia , but also from neighbouring Balkan countries including Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro and, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Providing hope to those in that region.


The Rare Disease Organisation of India acknowledged the day and expressed hope
“Let’s join hands and spread word on this Rare Condition for solidarity, better awareness and Hope!”
and with a pictorial  message on Twitter

If you have not done so already Click below:

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