Life and legacy bonds for all with aHUS

In the reception area of Alexion’s HQ in New Haven Connecticut there is a piece of conceptual art. ( see the featured image). Its title is “Life and Legacy”
It is a wall like structure made up from individual building blocks of coloured acrylic;, the red cylinders in it represent aHUS .

An explanation of the thinking of the artist John Evans is given along side it.
“The Life and Legacy wall represents the bonds of humanity between our patients , their families and our employees.
Before  you are many lights of life with the longer strand representing DNA and symbolising the foundation of life. The lights celebrate the lives of the families we serve and the commitment of Alexion employees who dedicate themselves every day to transform lives and open up worlds of possibility for generations to come” 
Like all corporate entities pharma exist as “documents of incorporation” but it is important to remember that what they do is done by people for people.
For aHUS people the legacy of what is done will be realised when the lives of the estimated 15000 to 40000 people affected by aHUS globally are all transformed when needed ;and they can be all that they can be in their lives.
It will be some legacy when that comes about one day.

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