From Russia : Research and Cure!

Today the world will be celebrating the 10th edition of Rare Disease Day. This time, the event’s main topic is “Research”. It was in this context that Another Life decided to raise awareness about rare diseases among Russia’s medical students.

Our representatives staged a series of nearly simultaneous events in St Petersburg (Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University), Kazan (Kazan State Medical University), Nalchik (Medical Department of Kabardino-Balkarian State University) and Astrakhan (Astrakhan State Medical University). Eligible for participation were first to third year students from the General Medical and Paediatrics Departments. They were excited to see the presentation named “Rare Diseases in Russia: Research and Cure. The Role of Patient Organisations as Demonstrated by Another Life”. The presentation was followed by the screening of one of our finest films on people diagnosed with PNH and aHUS – “Anna. 1+1”. Watch the video HERE:

At the end of the event, the students took part in the nationwide flash mob “Rare but Equal! Strong Together!”, which was sponsored by Another Life for the second time. The hosts were unanimous in their positive assessment of the student events, praising the new generation for their kindness, inquiring minds and curiosity. There is no doubt that Russia has a great potential when it comes to rare disease research. We are confident that the future innovators are already here, in the country’s alma maters, studying away to create pharmaceuticals and technologies to deal with rare diseases.
Happy Rare Disease Day, dear friends!
Анастасия Татарникова
aHUS alliance affiliate from Another Life Russia

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