aHUS Awareness Day 2016 Global Visual Arts Project

The global aHUS Alliance, an affiliation of aHUS patient organizations from around the world, is encouraging all individuals, groups, and organizations to join the international campaign to raise awareness with the 2nd annual aHUS Awareness Day campaign ‘Rising above aHUS’.  Visually uniting the patients, events, and issues for this 2016 global awareness day campaign theme will be a red balloon.  Information and resources will be available at www.ahusallianceaction.org, with updates provided on the aHUS Alliance Facebook page and on Twitter at @aHUS24Sept as well as @aHUSallianceAct.
A global aHUS Awareness Day visual arts project, suitable for both children and adults of every nation, will focus on artwork that aHUS patients, family members, and caregivers can create to illustrate how they ‘Rise above aHUS’   Entries of these drawings will be compiled into a collaborative international video to be released on 24 September, and participants can either create their own design or enjoy coloring the pages designed by Carly Schmidt, an advocate whose family is affected by aHUS.  Participation can be as simple as selecting a coloring page to complete (with additional design elements if desired), or entries can be original artwork to illustrate the artist’s personal interpretation of what ‘Rising above aHUS’ means to them.  Project organizer Jeff Schmidt requests that a photo of the aHUS patient with their name and country be included with each design entry, further illustrating that aHUS affects patients of all ages in countries all over the world. Entries and questions should be submitted to jeffschmidt.ahusadvocateusa@gmail.com , and additional information on this video project is available by clicking here.
Rise above aHUS, Erica's colored words photo and flag
The aHUS Alliance encourages every nation, all individuals affected by aHUS, and corporate or medical teams to create an aHUS  Awareness Day event, plan, or project for  aHUS Awareness Day on 24 September 2016.  Whether the choice is to focus on global aHUS issues, key national concerns, insights into patient life, supportive messages, or innovative programs,
We look forward the many interpretations of how stakeholders in the aHUS arena ‘Rise above aHUS’ and to seeing broad use of the red balloon as the 2016 symbol of aHUS Awareness Day.  Please join the aHUS Alliance 24 September campaign to provide an authentic view of issues, advocacy and healthcare concerns facing aHUS patients today.

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