aHUS Awareness Day 2018 – The Video

Once again, with the help of aHUS Patients and their families,  the aHUS alliance has produced a video to spread the word about aHUS globally.
It is important for those with chronic illnesses to not only get treatment but to also cope with having such an illness. Coping can be helped by knowing about the illness to gain more personal control over it or social support from health care professionals , family , friends and even favourite toys .
Everyone needs to retain their “swag factor “ it is good for them.
This year’s aHUS Awareness Day Video is about such social support , and is given by 69 people from 16 countries showing and  appreciating others for supporting them.
But these 69 are also representing all aHUS families and so they are themselves showing support for everyone with and affected by aHUS.
The video ( 14 mins) also contains facts about aHUS and remembrance of some for which aHUS became too much,  which sadly it still does for many affected by aHUS around the word .
Click on the alliance global organisation image below to view the video.


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