aHUS & COVID-19: WEBINAR 24 March 2020


The aHUS Alliance wishes to alert atypical HUS patients and family caregivers to the following public invitation to a 24 March webinar on the topic of aHUS and COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Note:  The aHUS Alliance is an umbrella group of patient organizations and advocates in over 30 nations. We amplify patient voices and issues related to the rare disease atypical HUS, and highlight aHUS news & events around the world.


Announced by Alexion Pharmaceuticals:

Alexion is pleased to provide a free global webinar for aHUS patients, to help provide a forum for answering questions about COVID-19 for people living with aHUS. The webinar will be hosted in English, and will take place on Tuesday, March 24, at 3 pm Eastern Daylight Time / 8 pm Central European Time. The global webinar will feature six aHUS experts:

  • Gema Ariceta, MD, Spain (pediatric nephrologist)
  • David Cohen, MD, USA (adult nephrologist)
  • Nicole Isbel, MD, Australia (adult nephrologist)
  • Christoph Licht, MD, Canada (pediatric nephrologist)
  • Eric Rondeau, MD, France (adult nephrologist)
  • Marie Scully, MD, United Kingdom (hematologist)

This expert panel will review current information related to COVID-19 and answer your questions. You are encouraged to submit your questions ahead of time to jeff@ahusallianceaction.org.

To attend the webinar, please go to https://alexion.zoom.us/j/681870659.

Please note: Although Alexion is providing technical support to enable this program, Alexion is not influencing or controlling the content. Rather, these independent experts will be giving their personal points of view, based on their medical training and expertise.