aHUS website refreshed

Article No. 456

From today the aHUS alliance Global Action website has a new look.

Just over five years since it was launched, our website has had a redesign. It still retains the normal content but in a different way.

The home page features the current projects Global Action is undertaking and the links to the blog/news/ articles but it is much brighter in appearance, although the lady with the red balloons ( a balloon is the traditional image of aHUS Awareness Day) is still there!.

The blog/ news/ articles are still a big feature of the website. They are the most diverse and informative of aHUS content and reflective of the global aHUS community. Many of them have been viewed thousands of times. Some may only be of interest to dozens.

A key difference in the new site is that the viewer now has a chance to leave a comment or a question after each article, which provides an opportunity to open up debate.

The viewer also gets the chance to share the articles themselves if they have accounts with the usual social medium platforms.

There are also links to the aHUS alliance Global Action’s social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn as well as our  e mail contact portal. We welcome feedback. It adds awareness.

There are also clear links which make it easier to subscribe to our newsletter –  The Global Advocate.

We have also provided links to our PayPal Giving Account to make it easier for donations to be made .

The new “About aHUS  Alliance” page sets out clearly what we exist to do and how we strive to do it. There is even a on line link to our  annual report and accounts which we lodge with the Charity Registrar. The most transparent aHUS organisation in the world.

aHUS alliance Global Action is run by unpaid trustee volunteers and donations help us defray the costs of operating a not-for-profit/incorporated charity.

It is thanks to our donors that  this website “refresh” has been possible.

So the site is still here to CONNECT-INFORM-COLLABORATE as it has been since May 2016.

Here to serve a Global aHUS community.

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