Tweet challenge for aHUS awareness

Research has shown that around 2 million tweets are made on Twitter each day. They are shared by around 600 thousand Tweeters.

The average number of twitter users online per hour is 50 thousand. They are posting an average of 83 thousand tweets per hour. About 1400 tweets per minute. At that rate a hashtag might trend.

Raising aHUS Awareness on twitter, among such statistics, presents quite a challenge. The odds are against those with a rare disease.

But that is when aHUS folk rise to the challenge.

What if tweets were concentrated into one minute on aHUS Awareness Day 2021.

If 200 plus aHUS twitter users from around the world posted up to seven tweets with a common hashtag in that minute, the message might trend globally for a while.

And with just one minute of effort anyone can do something to raise awareness about our very rare disease on its special day.

The collective followers’ awareness is raised and if they retweet too it would be even more so.

What would be a simple aHUS day message …. ” #aHUS is a very #raredisease @aHUS24Sept “ could be typed quite quickly ( or even copied and pasted) and probably 6/7 repeat tweets could be sent in a minute.

But which minute?

Well at noon on Greenwich Mean Time ( or UTC) it will be 24 September everywhere east and west.

What ever the time locally, plus or minus of GMT / UTC ( see link to time zone map HERE for local time) , the tweets should begin and be repeated for a minute with hopefully hundreds in the global aHUS community doing so at the same time. Hopefully that will get #aHUS trending.

Another way is to retweet the “seed” tweet posted on the aHUS alliance, @ahusAllianceAct and aHUS Awareness Day, @aHUS24Sept twitter accounts at anytime on your local aHUS Awareness Day.

Joining in ,with either the Noon GMT/URL “challenge or the #aHUS day retweets ,or both, our united effort would make our rare disease noticed more on its annual day.

Update: whilst there was a surge in mentions and impressions of the @aHUS24Sept Twitter account this year the noon tweet challenge did not attract the interest of the aHUS community to raise general awareness of something called aHUS.Back to the drawing board!

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