aHUS Awareness Day 2019 -Video

aHUS Awareness Day 2019 is less than 8 weeks away!  The world will join together on September 24, 2019 to raise awareness for aHUS.   Yes, we have our own day!  The first aHUS Awareness Day was September 24, 2015 and was started by the aHUS Alliance.
Each year the aHUS Alliance invites our global aHUS community to join in the “celebration” of aHUS Awareness Day by participating in a video project.  In years past we have asked you to send a message to the world via an “airmail letter”, color an aHUS coloring page (or create your own artwork), submit a message to “educate” the medical professionals and aHUS researchers, and send a message of thanks to your favorite caregiver(s) or advocate(s).
For our 2019 project, we invite people affected by atypical HUS to be a part of our ‘aHUS Family Photo Album’ to show the world our global aHUS family to help raise awareness of this disease that has brought us together.  “Family” can mean so many different things to different people: our immediate family, other aHUS families, friends, co-workers, school mates, members of a team or club, nurses or doctors, pets – anything or anyone from whom you gather love or support.
You can include up to 3 photos that represent your “family”, along with a caption for each photo. As lead for this project, I’ll create your personalized slide to appear with entries from other countries as part of the aHUS Alliance video slideshow ‘Family Photo Album for aHUS Awareness Day’ (to launch on 24 September 2019).  See the sample slide below for ideas for your own slide.

We welcome ALL those affected by aHUS from our global community to join in this project.
Send in:
– 1 to 3 photos of you and your “family”
– Captions for each photo (up to 15 words each)
– Name and where you are from
You can email your submission to Jeff Schmidt at jeff@ahusallianceaction.org
Submissions are due by September 17, 2019 to allow time to put this together, but the earlier you can turn in your entry the better!

aHUS families are encouraged to participate in this project & other ways join in aHUS Awareness Day activities. 

2019 marks our 5th annual 24 Sept campaign – learn more about this year’s

aHUS “Call to Action” & get aHUS Key info by clicking HERE



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