2019 Atypical HUS Fact Sheets

Atypical HUS: Fact Sheets & Research (2019 - SEPT - 2020 Edition) The aHUS Alliance provides informational resources about this rare disease for aHUS families & advocates around the world. Highlight boxes of aHUS research from the past year are provided in the full version, Key Facts and Research. The 'aHUS: In Brief 2019' version is a single page of aHUS facts to Print & Share.

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2019 aHUS Awareness Day -24 Sept

24 September 2019 marks the 5th annual aHUS Awareness Day, created by the aHUS Alliance to raise visibility for issues and needs of those impacted by the rare disease atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome (atypical HUS or aHUS). 'Family and Community Support' is this year's theme, with a 2019 global Call to Action: Support for blood & organ donation.

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Atypical HUS Fact Sheets – Sept 2018 Editions

Atypical HUS Fact Sheets (released Sept 2018) provide aHUS -specific research and info about the rare disease atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome or aHUS. Available in 2 formats: an 'In Brief' print friendly pdf, and a full length version (17 page) with links to current atypical HUS research (with citations) and key topics of interest to physicians, aHUS patients, and their families.

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