Micro clots in Long aHUS and COVID

It hard to believe that three years have passed since COVID consumed our lives. Although it was a respiratory disease from early days there was mention of an over active immune response involved.

Global Action was soon to predict on this site that COVID could be another infection TMA or even an aHUS trigger although the main stream media would not fully understand what that meant.

As time moved on more information emerged in the clinical literature about complement being implicated in the overactive response to COVID and case studies of aHUS being triggered after COVID infections.

Then the concept of a Long COVID hit the news. Reading about it created an interest in the aHUS community. Soon other rare diseases too were claiming what some COVID survivors were experiencing is what their communities have been saying for years.

Some who had experienced this serious life threatening condition were left with chronic after effects including fatigue , breathlessness , brain fog etc. Sounded familiar to aHUS patients. Long aHUS

Now Long COVID researchers ( many contributing to the Twitter #teamclots) are finding a legacy of micro clots in the those who had the worst of COVID outcomes. Describing this clotting as not DIC-like but more TMA micro clotting like, as found in conditions like aHUS.

Uncertainty persists about whether long COVID is the legacy of “virus reservoirs” leaking to prompt an immune response or whether it is auto response by the innate immune system.

it may be too much of a leap right now but it is something to look at more closely. No one has ever looked at long aHUS like those studying long COVID are doing , even if proves to be the same micro clots.

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