RD Day 2022: aHUS Webinar hosted by AKF

In honor of this year’s Rare Disease Day on February 28, the American Kidney Fund (AKF) will be hosting “Rare Disease Spotlight: Diagnosis, treatment and management of  aHUS.” 

Part of the AKF’s educational webinar series which convenes leading subject-matter experts, patient advocates and organizational partners, the series focus is to share practical advice and guidance. It’s great to have a webinar which will focus on atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome, bringing more visibility to issues and information key to those who deal with this very rare disease.

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Time & Date:

Monday 28 February 2022 at 1 pm EST 

Join in conversation and get your questions about atypical HUS answered by

Guest Speakers:  

• Bradley Dixon, MD, FASN – Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine at the University of  Colorado School of Medicine and Children’s Hospital Colorado 

• Jeff Schmidt – Member of the aHUS Alliance, a global organization that supports those affected  by aHUS around the world. Jeff has a daughter with aHUS and is passionate about helping the  global aHUS community. 

Open to a worldwide audience and the aHUS global community, you can register at the link below

Registration Link:

Webinar INFO & REGISTRATION: Diagnosis, treatment & management of aHUS

This AKF educational webinar program features atypical HUS, and is sponsored by Alexion (Alexion AstraZeneca Rare Disease). Please consult your own medical team regarding care plans and/or personalized impact of information presented during the webinar.

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About atypical HUS & aHUS Alliance Global Action

Atypical HUS is a rare disease affecting only a handful of people per million, and can occur in people of any age with episodes of activity that range dramatically in duration and severity. 

Tiny clots clog small blood vessels throughout the body during aHUS activity, which can damage vital organs such as the kidneys, heart, lungs, or brain. Red blood cell destruction and decrease in platelets due to clot formation can negatively impact body functions related to vision, the GI system, cognitive abilities, and more. 

            There’s no diagnostic test for atypical HUS to set it apart from other medical conditions which exhibit similar clotting issues (thrombotic microangiopathy, TMA). Learn more about aHUS in our Info Centre.

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