aHUS and the foetus

There are two involved in a pregnancy and birth the mother and the foetus /baby.

The mother may or may not have had aHUS before or during birth. Usually it is just after.

The foetus would be protected by the placenta from any Complement attack..

No evidence found that eculizumab crosses the placenta, jury’s out about ravaulizumab. That will be the case for any new drugs in trial too.

Pregnant women were excluded from trials for eculizumab and ravulizumab.. What has been learned about the safety in pregnancy for the aHUS mother is from real world experience case studies of PNH patients who use the same drug and aHUS patients.

So what about the foetus? Rarely mentioned in articles but this was said in an article published in 2021*.

This real-world study suggests that pregnancy is possible in women with aHUS. Live birth proportions were high, albeit with high rates of premature birth, miscarriage proportions were low, and elective terminations observed were likely driven by perceived fear of potential complications. Our results also show that eculizumab has a good safety profile and is effective during pregnancy.

“Elective terminations were recorded in 22.7% of pregnancies, miscarriages occurred in 9.1% of pregnancies, and late fetal death in 2.3% of pregnancies. No malformations or anomalies were reported”.

Article No. 588

*full article cab be seen in aHUS Global Actions extensive research database. Click HERE and scroll to pregnancy section and scroll within that to author “Rondeau” dated “ 2021”

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