COVID and aHUS at the end of 2021

As the year ends we are still living with COVID. It seems like it is never ending.

And it is and we all will be from now on. But one day we will live with it as we live with the Spanish Flu. It still exists.

Over 100 years ago it was a killer in a world recently devastated by War.

It was called Spanish but did not necessarily originate from that country Even if it did it was not the fault of the country but of the evolutionary process of a virus. The DNA of all living things can mutate.

Now we need COVID to mutate to be less invasive. One day we will all catch it. When we do the hope is that it will be at a time when it is just like another cold or when hospitals are not overwhelmed with COVID patients.

For those susceptible to aHUS it is also about avoiding a possible trigger that COVID now appears to be.

Meanwhile we can still do things which are acceptable to keep everyone safe

We have learned to maintain social distancing from each other.

We can wear masks in enclosed spaces and it will not be thought odd. It reduces transmission risks to and from others beyond that of being socially distanced.

We can be vaccinated. Vaccination does not mean no infection, but the severity of any infection will most likely be less.

There are even anti viral medicines specifically for COVID and its variants. These add another level of defence against severity if infected.
Those whose immune system has been compromised by illness or other treatments e.g. Bone marrow transplants are used to general anti viral treatment as their acquired immune system is wiped out putting them at renewed risk of childhood conditions like measles and chicken pox. Even immunity gained from previous vaccinations is lost.

There are even prophylactic anti viral nasal sprays emerging for use if contact has been made with an infected person

Social distancing , masks, vaccinations, and anti viral medicine and sprays and a generation that has grown up with it to build up immunity. A virus evolving to make it more benign.

That is where we are at as 2021 comes to a close.

Let’s hope in 2022 confidence and normality returns at last.

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