aHUS and the Red Balloon

It is just 25 days to aHUS Awareness Day 2017 and patients and patients’ organsations around the world will be making preparations for what they will be doing to create more awareness  of aHUS on 24 September , a Sunday this year.
The images and messages used will vary from country to country but collectively they will be stronger.
Last year an image was used to convey that collective effort

The image quotes the words from the end of the film “Le Balon Rouge”.
A Red Balloon  is the alliance’s chosen image for aHUS Awareness Day

Linked as it is to the words ” Rising above aHUS” to which we all aspire.
The efforts of all the aHUS  participants raising awareness everywhere are just like the balloons in the picture…

“dancing and twisting the strings into one strong one ,lifting higher into the sky” ….


aHUS Awareness Day on Twitter:    @aHUS24Sept    Hashtags:  #aHUS24Sept  and #SHUa24Sept
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NEW 2017 images, fact sheets, and resources will be launched throughout September, meanwhile click links below to check out:

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GRAPHICS for aHUS Awareness Day


24 Sept 2017 – aHUS Awareness Day Campaign


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NEW for 2017:  aHUS Awareness Day T Shirts – Zazzle.com (Profits support aHUS global advocacy)

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