2019 Atypical HUS Fact Sheets

Atypical HUS: Fact Sheets & Research (2019 - SEPT - 2020 Edition) The aHUS Alliance provides informational resources about this rare disease for aHUS families & advocates around the world. Highlight boxes of aHUS research from the past year are provided in the full version, Key Facts and Research. The 'aHUS: In Brief 2019' version is a single page of aHUS facts to Print & Share.

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OMS721: Omeros Research Collaboration with University of Cambridge

Pharma News: an Atypical HUS update from the aHUS Alliance. In its 11 December 2018 press release, the Omeros Corporation announced a new collaboration with a UK university to create the Omeros Center at Cambridge for Complement and Inflammation Research (OC3IR). Focus of the OC3IR will be research into OMS721 and OMS906, but how will it engage other aHUS stakeholders interested in OMS721 clinical trials and atypical HUS advancements in research?

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Breaking Down Barriers in aHUS Clinical Trials

Break down in communication flows and fragmented outreach have built barriers for research and clinical trial enrollment regarding advancing new options for those with the rare disease atypical HUS (aHUS, or hemolytic uremic syndrome). The aHUS Alliance looks at current challenges, and potential pathways to explore and engage.

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